A young scientist from Tajikistan went on an expedition to Kamchatka

From August 15 to September 5, within the framework of the Rossotrudnichestvo “New Generation” program, the project “Kamchatka: the North-Western Ring of Fire” is being held. Young researchers from the CIS countries, Egypt, China and Serbia take part in it.

Among the participants of the expedition is a Tajik young scientist, an employee of the biosafety laboratory of the Institute of Botany, Physiology and Genetics of Plants of the National Academy of Sciences Azam Kozizoda.

💭“Programs such as this expedition can be very important for understanding the main causes of environmental pollution and solving these problems; the impact of GMOs on biodiversity and human health; studying useful herbs to create new medicines,” Azam said.

It is expected that during the project, researchers will survey the territory of the peninsula to identify valuable natural-territorial complexes. In addition to the expedition in the field, young leaders will take part in the Ecosystem All-Russian Youth Ecological Forum.

Source: Telegram – Russian House in Tajikistan